Ropes feature leather laced handhold, block, riser and stock, laced the Proper way. The riser stands straight up to lessen the chance of hanging up. Our Mushy and Soft Tails we braid the last 2 feet tight, to reduce the risk of hanging a rowel in the tail. These are the finest ropes on the market today. They are used by many of the top professional bull riders across the nation. These long-wearing poly ropes are rot resistant. Mud and moisture will not affect them.

All ropes have ample of leather in the handhold, block and riser. The stock (opposite end of handle from block) is also leather laced on every rope. Every handle is plaited hard, tight and uniform. Made of the very finest poly rope. Spending years researching rope fibers to find the right fibers that make the best rope with the longest wear. All the rope from which make up our bull ropes is specially made exclusively for Pro Rodeo Equipment standards. All ropes feature 3 sliding keepers at no additional charge. Extras can be added to custom ropes.

We will make your rope to your specifications. All custom made poly ropes can be treated with bull rope conditioner at no extra charge if you so desire (treating the rope will alter the color). We can make any plait to your desired width. The softer the tail, the wider it will be.
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